Tenaya Lodge Winter Wedding

Kristen and Drew were married at the beautiful and fabulous Tenaya Lodge near Yosemite CA. It was a surprisingly warm day. However, there was still enough snow on the ground to give it that magical winter wedding feel.

Most of all, Kristen was just about one of the happiest brides I have ever seen. She grinned and giggled for most of the ceremony and everyone could tell how truly in love these two are.

Some of my favorite photos I have taken all year are of them by the fire place at night. It was such a special treat to warm up by the fire on a chilly night. Tenaya is lodge really knows how to create an amazing atmosphere.

Tenaya Lodge Winter WeddingTenaya Lodge Winter Wedding

First, Kristen and her bridesmaids got ready at the Elevations Spa at Tenaya Lodge. Probably, one of the most interesting places I have hung a dress!

Tenaya Lodge Winter Wedding Tenaya Lodge Winter Wedding Tenaya Lodge Winter Wedding Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-18_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-17Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-12_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-13 Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-8_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-9

Krisen wore a fabulous faux fur shrug to keep warm. It also added a great bit of unique style to her look.

Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-24_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-23_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-25 Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-26_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-27Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-28_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-29 Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-21_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-22

How adorable are these pumpkin center pieces? I really love when couples decide to include unique details.


Tenaya Lodge has a few different ceremony site options. The balcony obviously has amazing views! Seriously beautiful!Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-34_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-35

Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-37_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-38Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-39 Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-40_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-41 Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-42_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-43

After the ceremony we took a walk to get some beautiful portraits of just the bride and groom. This is always one of my favorite times of the day, but during a winter wedding it’s even more fun. There wasn’t a ton of snow, but the little we did find was awesome!Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-44_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-46_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-45 Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-47_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-48 Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-49_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-50 Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-90 Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-51_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-52 Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-53_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-54Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-56_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-57_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-55 Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-59_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-60_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-58 Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-64_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-67 How completely awesome is the outdoor fireplace? I just had to steal the bride and groom away for a few minutes during the reception to take these nighttime photos.
Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-70_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-71 Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-73_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-74_001 Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-75_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-76 Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-77_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-78 Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-79_Tenaya_Lodge_Winter_wedding-80


First of all, Tenaya Lodge Wedding Venue.

Also, Bridal gown from Black Tie and Bridal Lace.

and DJ KM Productions in Fresno

Congratulations Kristen and Drew. Thank you for choosing me to photograph your beautiful Tenaya Lodge winter wedding.